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Executive Committee - MSIP
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Executive Committee

Meet Our Team

Our Executive Committee is made of professional educational administrators and experienced financial & insurance experts.

Our Executive Board

Member Controlled

Each member of MSIP has a vote and is an important decision-maker.  Members vote to approve financial statements, audits, large claims, insurance coverages, etc.  This has been key to the success of the organization.


The Executive Board is comprised of CFOs and Superintendents from member districts who are responsible for the management, operations, claims and insurance coverages of MSIP.   Member districts elect Executive Board members annually.  The Full Board, comprised of all MSIP members, have input, control and a voice within the operations.


Transparency is embraced by MSIP.  All members know how every dollar is spent, invested and utilized.  Claims are openly discussed, financials are analyzed, and insurance coverages are crafted – all at the direction of member districts

Chris Lamer

Chair (Trust)

Matt Lewis

Chair (Workers’ Compensation Group)

Jamie Carnes

 Vice Chair (Trust)

Heather Roszkowski

 Vice Chair (Workers’ Compensation Group)

Scott Powers

Treasurer (Trust & Workers’ Compensation Group)

Heather Roszkowski

Secretary (Trust)

Chris LaHaie

Secretary (Workers’ Compensation Group)

John Zielinski

Past Chair (Trust)

committee ideas

Committee Chairs

Trust & Workers’ Compensation Group: Finance

Scott Powers

Workers’ Compensation Group Claims Committee

Executive Committee

Trust Claims Committee

Executive Committee

Trust & Workers’ Compensation Group Membership Committee

Scott Powers

Transportation Liaison

Executive Committee


Supported by: Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services

Arthur Gallagher founded Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. in Chicago on October 1, 1927. Already a successful insurance agent when he decided to build a business of his own, Art focused on commercial insurance and also pioneered the concept of risk management. Art knew that by understanding his customers and helping them save money by identifying and reducing their risks, he would build strong relationships.

Ben Curtis, CPCU, ARM

Area Vice President

Phone: (616) 222-9709


Learn about the advantages of joining MSIP such as a Member-owned structure, surplus dividends,  discounted student accident and athletic insurance, and included playground inspections.